I spoke to Drake today…

by Steve Smith
3 years ago

I spoke to Drake today he said he feels so proud.  All his family and friends have shown their love, support and vowed… To love tomorrow like it was yesterday.  To never back down… Do not forget the little man… To stand up within the crowd…

I spoke to Drake today he cried just one tear…. for Drake remembers every heart he touched through all his years.

I closed my eyes and prayed today that God take me to my son… But then the tears streamed down my face, Drake said, Mom, what’s done is done. I do not want you here with me, I do not want you sad, I do not want you to run this time Mom, Stand up and call my Dad.

I spoke to Drake today the sadness fills my soul.  But then peace and light came over me and I swore to listen to what I’m told.

Momma, I can help you more this way so please just stay strong.  I’ll wait for you, Forever love. I’ll be with you all day long.

I spoke to Drake today, tomorrow and forever my son.  I love you more than this world will ever know, please let me come along.

But Momma please don’t forget you swore the night that I was born. You promised to be great for me; You promised to always be true, to never sway from your goals to protect me and teach me all you knew. You’ve never lied to me yet, so Momma don’t break that now.

I’ll be with you always every time you hear a joke, or when you scream so loud. I hear you, Momma, always I haven’t gone that far.  The angels may have come for me just like you knew they would but things are so much different here no sad, no hurt no pain.  it gives more time to help you now to be your strength to make you proud.

I spoke to Drake today…. My son, My love, My angel with dragon wings


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