A poem for Drake

by Steve Smith
3 years ago
I search to find what words to say
In this restless heart of mine
Instead, I sit and contemplate
If I could just go back in time


To when you were a little one
You fell and scraped your knee
I held you tight and kissed that spot
“Feels better now!” You’d say to me


The days of passed, the weeks, the years
You stood so strong and tall
Living life so fearlessly
No fear that you could fall


My heart swelled with pride for you
The man you would become
I’d watch you across the field
You, brighter than the sun


At times I’d see you stumbling
Sometimes I’d hear you call
I’d run to you, I felt your pain
Yet, you shed no years at all


Remembering all the yesterdays
Thinking, “How could I’ve not known?”
Things I’d wished I’d done differently
So much more love I wish I’d shown


Now I’m left with memories
Bringing laughter and tears
In one quick flash, you’ve gone from me
I’m facing the worst of my fears


My only wish, for all my life
To see you once again
And say how Great my love for you is
My blessed son, My friend


February 6th, 2003-January 27th, 2018